Anarchism and Democracy

DISCUS political issues often create prolonged polemics. politics as a medium of power is often used as an object to persecute the people. whereas in terms of political substance teaches the values ​​of social virtue in the life of nation and state, legal system, social relations (social relations), economic strengthening is not impossible to become a project of power, so regulations need to be built to build a dignified and cultured political structure.

This phenomenon has actually become a blurred face of the Republic amid the transition to democracy. Political antagonism which tends to hijack democracy in the system of modern political culture which I call Democracy is theoretically where the circulation of power is played in the middle of the family so that the chain of corruption is difficult to eliminate from our national life. democracy fell apart and scattered at a crossroads.

335 The physicist BC the caliber of Socrates has pronounced “Mans by nature a political animals” a universal statement to be understood as main-seat in the political process. but what is important in these teachings is the teaching of humanity. but the journey had a stalemate, even though the scale of democracy had undergone conciliation from the Greek authorities until it finally banned the votary.

Democracy failed to be implemented. This phenomenon at least provides lessons in a social process. but after experiencing a wave where the entry of the idea of ​​democracy in a modern country, various figures emerged who later popularized democracy as an ideal teaching. But that reality is experiencing a shift from its original axis where anarchism injures democracy. almost all political events in the name of democracy and the people. Anarchism is not an option but is phenomenal.

Indonesia is one of the smallest examples of the phenomenon of democratic brutality. immaturity in politics, the fact of the obligatory vote, money politics, seemed to have become a modern political theory even though in fact this was a form of betrayal of the teachings of humanistic democracy.

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