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Brilliant Idea of the Fortune Small Business Capital

Who says the small capital business cannot bring big profits?

Not a few people canceled their intention to open a business because they claimed to have no funds. Even though money capital is not the only success factor of the business that is being undertaken.

For those of you who want to start a business or start a side business, you don’t need to be discouraged if you have limited capital. With the right strategy, there are dozens of business opportunities that can become new entry doors.

Here are eight recommendations for small capital business ideas that you can try.

1. Selling a breakfast menu at home

Not a few people who have a morning routine are quite dense. Many also have to go to the office a few hours before entry for the sake of not arriving late. As a result, there is no time to prepare a decent breakfast, both for yourself and family.

This can be a potential business opportunity. You can offer a breakfast menu, such as chicken porridge, pastries, brownies.

The materials needed are quite affordable. No need to rent a shop or restaurant. You can sell in front of the house, with one table and chairs.

2. Business snacks

The snack business is not only attractive to children, but also adults. From students to workers, many like to enjoy snacks while doing their activities.

No need to stick to the type of snack that uses expensive ingredients. For example, you can try selling cassava chips. In addition to the affordable material, the manufacture is fairly simple.

If you are an employee, you can peddle these snacks to office colleagues. As long as you can guarantee the taste and quality, your snack business has the potential to bring huge profits.

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is no longer a small capital business, but a business without capital. Because, anyone can undergo this, even without a penny. In addition, you also do not have to bother working on the process of supplying and shipping products.

Quite simply, you only need to market the product from the seller and continue ordering and payment from the buyer to the seller.

However, even though it seems easy, this business cannot be underestimated. As a dropshipper you must understand the specifications of the goods sold, and choose reliable suppliers. Because, the quality of products and supplier services has an impact on your reputation too.

4. Women’s accessory business

Women’s accessory business can be a very promising business. Of course this success is by creating unique products, so that your brand is easy to remember. In addition to utilizing social media, don’t hesitate to wear your own products as a way of marketing.

5. T-shirt pre-order business

The fashion industry has never died. However, opening a distro business requires a lot of capital. But, who says you can’t open a minimal capital business in this field?

Overcome the limitations of funds by implementing a pre-order system. With this system, shirts or clothing will only be produced after ordering. To cut production costs, you can also limit the minimum number of orders to be able to enter production.

6. Typing services

If you have a computer or laptop, this one service business can be a profitable cash field.

Moreover, if your place of residence is around campus or school. No need to worry about quiet orders, because many students or students get paper or report assignments that need typing services.

7. Selling various pastries

Have a hobby to make cakes? Develop your hobby as a source of income. To start this business, you don’t need big capital. For starters you can make one or two jars of various pastries to offer to friends, neighbors, or people around.

The selection of pastries can be adjusted to your tastes and abilities. Even though the cake offered is common, but you can create a look and variety of interesting and distinctive flavors so you don’t lose competitiveness in the market.

8. Business of various drinks

In addition to food business, beverage business is also interesting to look at. Through your creative drinks, you can also create new trends rather than just following trends. For example, in the midst of the current coffee trend, you can market chocolate drinks or even current herbs.