Establishment of Political Money Behavior

So mysterious and adorable for some people regarding this money politics practice. this matter, besides being caused by its monumental appearance which is able to influence and at the same time be the cause of the rapid and slow movement of a situation (In physics this condition is called the term “twisting moment”, he is also so mysterious and slippery to pick up.

Interesting indeed, if we open a discussion room to dissect what is meant by money politics, the emergence of every political event in every corner of the earth is always rife. It was so interesting to discuss the form, characteristics, motives, and operations until the execution of money politics, so that sometimes our discussion never reached a conclusion or recommendation that was called through a movement that No money politically concrete, obeyed and had a strong deterrent effect. Well exactly the picture is like looking for a snake armpit by stroking and examining inch by inch snake bodies to locate the armpits.

Economical political culture is a political culture that views power as an investment. What is in the minds of these dirty politicians is not idealism, but exchange rates, instead of fighting for people’s welfare as he is excited, fiery, foaming. Departing from that investment spirit, a politician is willing to pay or spend tens to hundreds of billions of rupiah because he knows very well that his investment will produce greater results in the future.

The emergence of various kinds of turmoil and protests to the level of the courts in each post-conflict local election process in Indonesia is a strong indicator to say that power and money work in it. What is called the capitalist economist political culture, where power is investment finds its form.

The mods operation at the level of money politics execution is widely known that people have even been trite for some groups, such as the dawn attack with the distribution of basic needs, money and others, which were originally prohibited in law and even threatened with threats that were not lightly dropped. election contestants or disqualification of candidate pairs, but in fact there are still dirty practices that are carried out.

Capitalist economist politicians are not playing power in securing their investments. They are well aware that, traveling to the seat of political power, of course it is not work like turning a palm. On the other hand, the power politics presented in the regional elections and elections are the arena for the candidates to play capital. Large funds are synonymous with imaging candidates on a broader scale. Large capital will be able to amaze and strengthen the image in the public eye. A pair of candidates seemed “greatest and enlightened” if they were able to campaign on television, famous print media, and large billboards with good quality.

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