European Democratic Party

European Democratic Party

The European Democratic Party is a new project with a great ambition, that of overcoming the thousand inertias of the political forces of the twentieth century, to bring together the best traditions produced by the political culture of the last century and bring them into harmony with the new times.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Treaties, the demand for a united and strong Europe is still very concrete. A Europe capable of facing the great challenges of globalization: sustainable development and climate change; self-sufficiency in energy supply; governance for economic and social growth; research and innovation; security, the fight against terrorism and organized crime; migration control and integration.

European citizens want a Europe, a carrier of values ​​and projects, respectful of the characteristics of its nations, with a real weight in the resolution of the great world conflicts and which is capable of defending and promoting its own values.

It is this Europe which is at the center of our commitment: a new, open, future-oriented project that takes into account the demands and ambitions of European citizens and wants to achieve them.

Political document and motions approved at the 2nd PDE Congress.

François Bayrou & Francesco Rutelli

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